Defend your Network with DDoS Protection

Your network is critical to your business. With DDoS protection from Dakota Carrier Network, you’ll get easy-to-use information and automated defense to provide your customers an ideal network experience.

Our DDoS service provides network visibility, DDoS detection, and peering analytics managed via a suite of highly customizable dashboards. We also provide automatic mitigation at industry-leading attack packet rates and mitigation intervals.

Software – Levels 1-3 Solutions

  • Uses NetFlow, SNMP data, and BGP routing updates for real-time data
  • Allows flow view based on origin, transit or next-hop ASNs and by major network paths
  • Defines alerts based on traffic, performance, IP, BGP, and Geo data
  • Uses adaptive baselining, which makes DDoS detection dynamic and tunable
  • Retains more data through distributed big data backend to improve accuracy of detection and avoid false negatives
  • Supports RBTH (Remotely Triggered Black Hole) natively and automatic mitigation based on custom policy match

Hardware – Level 4 Solution

  • Offers in-depth traffic analysis with multiple powerful CPU cores to perform deep packet inspection
  • Protects against full spectrum of attacks, including volumetric, protocol and application-layer
  • Features hardware acceleration, which offloads CPU resources to protect against multi-vector attacks
  • Supports dynamic mitigation policies so legitimate traffic is not dropped
  • Dynamically updates signatures to include the newest malicious sources