Residential Service

Our 14 owner companies provide residential Internet service across North Dakota. With more than 40,000 miles of fiber optic cable in service, you can count on them for reliable and fast Internet for your home.

Our owners represent all the major local independent telephone companies and serve more than 164,000 customers in 250 communities – more than 85 percent of all the exchanges in the state.

Please contact a provider in your area for residential service.

Our member companies:
BEK Communications Cooperative; Headquartered in Steele, ND
Consolidated Telcom; Headquartered in Dickinson, ND
Dakota Central Telecommunications Cooperative; Headquartered in Carrington, ND
Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative; Headquartered in Ellendale, ND
Midstate Telephone Company; Headquartered in Stanley, ND
MLGC; Headquartered in Enderlin, ND
North Dakota Telephone Company; Headquartered in Devils Lake, ND
Northwest Communications Cooperative; Headquartered in Ray, ND
Polar Communications; Headquartered in Park River, ND
Red River Technologies; Headquartered in Abercrombie, ND
Reservation Telephone Cooperative; Headquartered in Parshall, ND
SRT Communications Inc.; Headquartered in Minot, ND
United Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation; Headquartered in Langdon, ND
West River Telecommunications Cooperative; Headquartered in Hazen, ND