Private Line: Connected to the World

Dakota Carrier Network operates a 100-percent fiber optic communications network that links all regions of the state, including all major population centers. The 1,460-mile long fiber optic facility is part of the existing independent local telephone company networks, which have been serving customers for more than 40 years.

The DCN core network infrastructure is comprised of base dark fiber network equipped with a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) platform. This platform provides DCN more than 8 terabits of capacity. DCN’s core Carrier Ethernet and SONET (synchronous optical network) utilizes the DWDM core to interconnect DCN’s many points of presence across the state of North Dakota and beyond.

DCN operates multiple SONET systems in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Each of these systems provides reliable T1, DS3, and OCx services with a core supporting sub 50ms failover capabilities. DCN’s Ethernet core utilizes an MPLS core capable of 2 terabits of switching capacity per node and sub 50ms failover redundancy.

DCN can connect your business as Private Line T1, DS3, and OCx connections can be ordered to anywhere in the world.

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