Global Interoperability

SS7 is an all-digital intelligent network that uses messages to request services from other entities. These messages travel from one network to another, independent of the actual voice and data they pertain to.

One of the primary benefits of SS7 is global interoperability. It has the capability to enable all carriers to cooperate with each other. It is a standard protocol approved by the ITU. Global billing, toll-free calling, 900-number services, and international wireless call roaming are all call features that are dependent on SS7.

DCN has quad B-links that connect to two of Verisign’s regional gateway locations. From these locations, DCN is able to provide such SS7 services as Calling Name, LNP (Local Number Portability), E800, CLASS (Custom Local Area Signaling Services), and ISUP (Integrated Services Digital Network User Part) route signaling.

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