Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Two DCN employees celebrate 20 years of service

Congratulations to Kevin Kaeding, director of sales, and Nancy Bjorndahl, business manager, on receiving their 20 years of service awards in January. Hired within two weeks of each other in 1998, Kevin and Nancy have been instrumental in DCN’s growth over the years.

Kevin has served as director of sales since joining DCN. He oversees the business development, wholesale, and commercial sales teams. He is committed to providing customers with quality technology solutions tailored to their specific needs, a philosophy he has passed on to sales team members and DCN employees.

“It has been a pleasure working with Kevin over the past 20 years, and I want to personally thank him for his many contributions to our great organization,” shared Arndorfer, CEO. “DCN wouldn’t be what it is without Kevin’s sales efforts and leadership.”

As business manager, Nancy’s responsibilities include accounts payable, human resources and payroll. Throughout her career, she has supported DCN in a variety of capacities – technical assistant, public relations specialist, and supply manager, just to name a few.

“Nancy’s consistent loyalty to our organization along with her ability to ‘wear multiple hats’ over the past 20 years has so greatly impacted DCN’s success. Nancy ensures day-to-day operations run smoothly and that we remain on track toward long-term strategic initiatives,” shared Arndorfer. “We are lucky – and thankful – to have her on our team.”

This article was previously shared in DCN’s February newsletter. Click here to check out all articles. 

Director of Sales Kevin Kaeding and DCN CEO Seth Arndorfer.
Director of Sales Kevin Kaeding (left) with DCN CEO Seth Arndorfer (right).
Business Manager Nancy Bjorndahl and DCN CEO Seth Arndorfer.
Business Manager Nancy Bjorndahl (left) with DCN CEO Seth Arndorfer (right).