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On January 27, Consolidated announced gigabit Internet services at their open house in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Dickinson and cooperative areas that are overbuilt with fiber optics will see increased speeds to 1000/1000Mpbs, or 100 times faster than the average speed in the United States today.

Consolidated’s roll out of 1-Gigabit broadband service is available to their customers that have fiber in the communities of Dickinson, Belfield, Amidon, Hettinger and Mott. By the end of 2015, the rest of Consolidated’s exchanges will have gigabit available to them.

General Manager/CEO Paul Schuetzler said, “Consolidated has been the technology leader in Southwestern North Dakota for the past 54 years and once again we are excited to continue that tradition. Our commitment has been to our rural customers as well as those living within our communities. Starting now, we are deploying gigabit technology that will empower economic growth and development for the business and residents of Southwestern North Dakota.”

In the last 10 years, Consolidated has invested more than $100 million dollars in Southwestern North Dakota through infrastructure upgrades to deliver the highest quality TV, phone and highspeed Internet service.

Consolidated is one of the 15 rural ND telco owners of Dakota Carrier Network (DCN).

DCN owner companies include: BEK Communications, Consolidated Telcom, Dakota Central Telecom, Dickey Rural Communications, Intercommunity Telephone, Midstate Communications, MLGC, North Dakota Telephone, Northwest Communications, Polar Communications, Red River Telephone, Reservation Telephone, SRT Communications, United Communications, West River Telephone.


Pictured above is Consolidated Telcom General Manager/CEO, Paul Schuetzler, announcing the roll out of 1-Gigabit broadband service to southwest North Dakota customers.