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DCN is a proud co-host of the 2019 INDATEL Summer Symposium which brings together employees from 30 statewide networks across the nation to learn about industry trends and discuss their plans for supporting future technologies.

These statewide networks, including DCN, are INDATEL members. INDATEL is a nationwide network that partners with its members to deliver connectivity services to businesses and government entities that have a national footprint. For example, if a businesses or government entity needs connectivity in North Dakota, INDATEL works with DCN to deliver these services to the customer’s specific location(s).

Collectively, INDATEL and its members have over 400,000 miles of fiber across the nation and 1,100 points of presence (POPs). DCN and its Owners contribute over 40,000 miles of fiber and 24 POPs to this impressive total.

“Our INDATEL membership helps us further showcase the impressive job DCN and our Owners have done in blanketing North Dakota with connectivity,” shares DCN CEO Seth Arndorfer who was elected to INDATEL’s Board of Directors last June.

DCN’s INDATEL membership also enables DCN to offer its customers direct connections to national cloud-based service providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Direct connections allow DCN’s customers to upload and download information from their national cloud-based provider without it touching the internet, ensuring predictability while adding a layer of security and reliability to their experience.

Regarding user experience, INDATEL’s internet peering offerings enable DCN to connect directly with content providers such as Netflix and Google, allowing high-speed transmission and storing of data – videos, search engine results, etc. This shortens the path from the content’s source to DCN’s business and government customers, and Owner companies’ subscribers, enhancing their experience.

“The partnership we have with INDATEL not only enhances DCN’s visibility on a national scale, it helps us offer industry-leading products and user experiences for North Dakota businesses, government, and residents, which is what we strive to achieve day in and day out.”

Further information about INDATEL can be found at

Photo of INDATEL Board of Managers

L to R:
– Seth Arndorfer, CEO, DCN
– Scott Hoffmann, CEO, WIN Technology
– Mark Shlanta, CEO, SDN Communications
– Jim Turner, President/CEO, Indiana Fiber Network
– Mark Lundy, board president, RasorNET
– Mel Wagner Jr, CEO INDATEL
– Jim Walter, CEO, 702 Communications