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On January 10, 2017,  Centina Systems, a leading provider of service assurance and advanced analytics solutions announced that Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) has deployed its NetOmnia™ solution to assure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Tier 1 mobile operators for mobile backhaul services. This solution provides additional reporting value for existing DCN customers within the government, financial, higher education and medical industries.

DCN selected Centina Systems’ NetOmnia for its dynamic, modular architecture that enables DCN to meet the stringent SLAs required by Tier 1 mobile operators. NetOmnia also presented opportunities for DCN to increase revenue and expand overall growth by offering customized reporting for existing customers. Now with NetOmnia deployed, DCN is able to:

  • Reduce operations costs and improve efficiencies through automation
  • Enhance their flexibility to offer tailored SLAs to Customers
  • Improve the granularity and accuracy of service performance there-by reducing revenue leakage due to SLA non-compliance
  • Proactively monitor services with real-time portals and dashboards to Network Operations, Sales, Customers and Member Companies

“Our existing systems were confined by a fixed structure that limited our ability to provide reports with the depth and detail required to meet the needs of our customers,” said Jesse Heck, Director of Operations at DCN. “NetOmnia empowers our customers by granting them visibility into their own services, enabling them to self-diagnose issues. Since deploying NetOmnia, it has allowed us to not only meet our mobile operator customers’ SLA obligations, but also grow our mobile backhaul business and reduce operations costs.”

“We are excited to be working with DCN to improve delivery of their mobile backhaul services,” said Anand Gonuguntla, CEO and Co-founder of Centina Systems. “Tier 1 mobile operators demand stringent SLAs to assure the performance of their mobile services and this is another proof point of Centina’s ability to meet these operator demands. The NetOmnia solution has delivered for DCN the ability to proactively monitor SLAs and provide the required monthly reports to their customers. We are looking forward to extending this partnership beyond SLA management and being a strategic partner of DCN going forward to help improve their operations and maintain a superior level of customer satisfaction.”

Jesse Heck, DCN director of operations

Jesse Heck, DCN director of operations